My blog challenge – travel!!!

Hey guys!!!

I am posting my top ten places to visit on holiday!

1. Japan-to see all the cool architecture and the robots, along with the delicious food!

2. Italy – Just think of all that pizza – not to mention the snow!

3. China – to celebrate Chinese new year and eat mooncakes!

4. Bali – all the volcanoes and good views

5. The Maldives to explore all the coral islands

6.France- to eat crepes and look at all the art

7. Melbourne for all the shops!

8. Mt Gambier because there’s no place like home

9. Perth- to see my grandpa

10. Queensland- to go to nationals!


My class music survey!!

My teacher decided that we should do a survey relating to music, so I asked all of my classmates their favourite genre of music. There are 21 of us, so this took a while! Feel free to comment your favorite music artist!

Here is the raw info!

lili : pop

Alex: Classical

Gabby: all

Poppy: alternative

Zoe: pop

Mila: pop


Bella: all

Alice: pop

Izzy: pop

Stella: electric

India.s : I don’t know

India.g: all

Jade: pop

Neha: classical

Frankie: pop

Zayla: pop


Madi: All

Addi: I don’t have one

Turns out 9/20 people liked pop, 2 people liked classical, 1 person liked alternative, and the other 8 either liked them all or didn’t know.

thanks for reading!





My new emoji quiz!!

Hey guys!

Here’s (another) emoji quiz for you to do!

emoji one: (a film company)


emoji two : (a marvel superhero)

恬 +

Emoji three! (A cooking show!)

– ilk+a+ -nake +麻 – re + 爸 – ock + cook

emoji four:

Emoji five:

Emoji six :

領儭 – f + u+ 佞鄞 – y +- ar

Emoji seven:

– ffle x2 et – kung + uni

Emoji eight: ( an independent battle country’s ristorante)

+ + + female

Good luck!

My writing challenge-week 5!!!!!

Hey readers!!


Here is my writing challenge!!

ps I used this sentence for inspo!!

‘At a party you are playing truth or dare. someone dares you to “go home”. Feeling bummed, you go home for the night. The next morning, everyone at the party is dead. Except for the person who dares you to go home.



I was trapped in a room with a person. I couldn’t figure out who it was, my saviour, or my worst nightmare. You might be wondering, ‘well, how did this delirious girl get here is the first place, huh?’ Okay, you asked for it. Here’s the full story. It was 3am in the morning, and I was at a party. pretty regular for a teen, don’t you think? Well, here’s the weird bit. A random stranger in a black hoodie that covered all his features came along and joined our truth or dare game. Probably gatecrashing, or that’s what I thought……

This ‘stranger’ pointed at me and said,

“Truth or Dare?”

Not wanting to look like a wimp, I picked dare. He said,

“Okay then. I dare you to leave NOW.”

Talk about creepy! I didn’t want to back down, so I left…

The next morning, I rushed into my kitchen, ate my own bodyweight in buttered toast, and looked at the morning paper. The I froze.

’10 partying teens killed in nightclub coup.’ the newspaper said.

That’s when i really froze……

What’s new?

Hey guys!

I have recently done some playing around on my blog and discovered……..


widgets are the little links and pictures on my sidebar (to the left), and they are there to see other’s blogs, and to help you find certain blog posts that you like!

My 2nd country of focus!!

Hey readers!!

Today my teacher told me that we were doing another country of focus, so I chose to share it with you guys!

Here is a picture of Japan’s flag!!

Japan is located in Asia, and is in the northern hemisphere. Japan’s capital city is Tokyo!! Japan has a huge population of 126,050,804! The main national language is Japanese, but many Japanese citizens speak Chinese. The main currency is Japan is Japanese yen, and Japan and australia both have the same longitude! You say hello in Japanese like:

Kon'nichiwa (pronounced konichuaaah) 

Russia is the closest country to Japan!!

                                             THANK YOU FOR READING!!!!

My (new!!) emoji quiz!!

Hey readers!!

Because you al totally SMASHED that emoji quiz last week, I thought that I would do a sequel!! See how many you can get right, and leave your guesses in the comments!!

emoji one: (a movie)

emoji two: ( a person)


emoji three: (?????)

佞 + 攻

emoji four: (a type of snack)

領儭 + – frosting – cake

emoji five: (a TV show)

劾領 坎 -h + p

emoji six:( a song)

and by -garoo + – sk +荔 – in yang + – ach + -ainbow +ry

emoji seven (if you get this one you are a genius!!)

_ + -ck +ak


Good luck!!


My online safety ratings!!

Hey readers!!

Today my amazing teacher gave us some posts to rank in order from worst to best, so here they are!!

I think that 1 is the least important because of the bad grammar, then number 6, because the topic is irrelevant, then number 4 because of partially wrong grammar and an irrelevant topic, then 7, because it is too short 8 is next, because it is ever so slightly irrelevant, then 3, because it still isnt 100% relevant, then number 5, and finally number 2.

My country of focus!!

Hey readers!!!

In class my teacher explained that we had to post some info about China, so here it is!

Here is a picture of the flag of china!!

China is located in the continent of Asia, and its capital city is Beijing!! China is in the northern hemisphere, and its population is around 1411.28 Million!! The main language is mandarin (Chinese). China’s main currency is yen, and both china and Australia have delicious (in my opinion) national foods! One interesting fact about china is that The summit of Mt Everest marks the border between China and Nepal!! China also shares borders with Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, and North Korea!

Thank you for reading!!


My writing challenge-using connectives!!

Dear diary,

It was a dark and stormy night-sounds pretty clich矇, doesn’t it! Well, to all those reading, this is the story of how I am still alive after 118 years.

One of my only memories of my ‘past life’ as a human was feeling angry. Angry at the sky for opening each day, angry at my relatives, angry at my pure existence. As you can tell, I was just an ordinary 18-year old. Little did I know, I would be 18 forever. Any woman’s dream, apparently. Well, I can tell you from experience, it really isn’t.

Firstly, it all started when I ran away from home that night. I was just fed up with life, and ran away. Where exactly? Well- to the woods. Then my memory goes blank. I don’t know why it does that, maybe it’s because I am too close to figuring out the real truth……

Then we return to the woods.In my memory, that is. As my memory had an unfortunate gap, I can only guess that it has been a few hours. I remember feeling a searing pain in my arms, and that’s when I had realised. I had been bitten. The legends were true. What legends you say? Well, in that case, I better tell you.Vampires. I had become a vampire……..